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This automatic email is posted to this group each month for the benefit of new members and as a reminder to current members.

NOTICE VERSION: January, 2012

* This group is monitored by several moderators. In an effort to help weed out spammers, most posts are manually verified before they are released

to the group. Therefore, if you are new to the group or do not regularly participate, it may take a bit longer for your post to show up in the

group. This is normal. We do try to keep watch and release valid posts ASAP. Once you become a recognized/active member of the group, we try to

make sure your membership is validated so that your posts can slide through without monitoring delays.

* Although we do try to keep posts on topic, we also like to be a friendly, community group here, so the occasional chatter between members is not

a problem. If you have something important to post that is "off topic"...please start the subject with OT-, as in "Off Topic" so that it can be

filtered out by those not wishing to be bothered by off topic posts.

* PLAY NICE! Verbal bashing of any kind will NOT be tolerated! If you have a problem with someone in this group...take it outside. If a complaint

is reported about your behavior, you'll be banned from the group...NO questions asked!

* This group has a web site. To locate the URL to the group's web page, see the bottom of any post where additional information is listed. Within

the group's web site, you'll find additional information. Depending on the activity/participation of the group, you may find additional help files

and/or tutorials, as well as other helpful links.

* Sadly, due to spammers, only moderators can post files and links within our group's site. However, if you have something you'd like to

contribute, contact one of the moderators...whose names are listed on the home page of our group's web page.

* Additionally, you cannot attach files to posts...again due to spammers. But if you have a file that you'd like others to see in an attempt to

help you solve a problem, contact a moderator to post the file for you. If you have any trouble contacting a moderator, feel free to request help

by posting to the group with the subject NEED MODERATOR HELP. (By using that EXACT subject, moderators can set an alert to more quickly notice your


* To get the best help, fast, use a good subject line! Don't just post a subject saying HELP! Give a little detail about the type of help you need.

Also be sure to include some details, such as the content of any error messages, as well as the software version you are using. For more specific

info on how to get the most from your posts, see this link: http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/Pub0009/LPMArticle.asp?ID=507#info

* With the help of several wonderful moderators and terrific group participants who regularly share their knowledge, I run a handful of free

support groups. To find our other groups, as well as other groups I recommend for free support, see this link:


* And finally, know that you can find many free tutorials linked from my TechPage here: http://www.mousetrax.com/techpage.html and also directly

through TechTrax, my very popular, free ezine (online magazine) here: http://www.techtrax.us

Dian D. Chapman (Group Owner)
Technical Consultant, Microsoft MVP
MOS Certified Instructor, Editor/TechTrax Ezine
Tech Editor for Word & Office 2007 Bibles

Dian's Soldier/K9 Site

Free Computer Tutorials: http://www.techtrax.us
Dian's Free User Support Groups: http://www.mousetrax.com/resources.html
Learn VBA the easy way: http://www.mousetrax.com/techcourses.html

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Be sure to check out TechTrax Ezine for many, free Excel VBA articles! Go here: http://www.mousetrax.com/techtrax to enter the ezine, then search the ARCHIVES for EXCEL VBA.

Visit our ExcelVBA group home page for more info and support files:

More free tutorials and resources available at:




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