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Re: [ExcelVBA] failing function


I'm sorry if I missed it Greg... Did you say which version of excel you are using??


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ok, a little training about VB macros.

first, in your File->options->Advanced configuration, there is a designation that says something like:
"At Startup, open all files in: "

by default, common installations of Excel use the XLSTART folder in the installation folder.
Any files placed in this folder open whenever you open an instance of Excel.

When you "record" a macro, the macro panel asks where the macro is to be stored.
The macros can reside within the open/active workbook, or in your "personal" workbook.

This workbook, usually called "Personal.xls" in earlier versions of Excel,
or "Personal.xlsm" or "Personal.xlsb" in later versions.
This workbook is a "hidden" workbook and will be automatically created in the "startup" folder defined above.

The macro recorded can then be used in any workbook opened in an Excel instance that also has this hidden workbook.

However, when you call this function, since the function isn't in the "currently active" workbook,
you must specify which workbook has the function.
=Func( A5:E5,A6:E6)
would work if the function is stored in the currently active workbook.

In his example, he stored the function in the hidden Personal.xlsb file, so he had to specify the location:
(he could have eliminated this requirement if he changed the function to "public" by using:

Public Function Func( x as range, y as range)
End Function

Does that help explain what is going on with his explanation?

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On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 3:34 PM, " [ExcelVBA]" <> wrote:

OK, you lost me with the "I put :-=PERSONAL.XLSB!Func( A5:E5,A6:E6)," statement.   When I save while in my VBA editor it saved to my project folder as FuncTest.xlsm type file.   I am guessing that your Personal.xlsb is something different, because when I used FuncTest.xlsm!Func(A5:E5,A6:E6) it could not find the function.

I am not going to give up yet.  I just hope to get nudged in the right direction. 


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