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RE: [ExcelVBA] Please take my Poll


I appreciate your hesitation. I was whining into the Ribbon, too. And I still use 2003 to find some stuff when I forget where on the Ribbon it might be located. But YES!!! Nearly ALL the keyboard shortcuts from menu versions work in the ribbon version. They don't tell you that they do…but they do! The ribbon has NEW shortcuts…so to speak. If you hit the alt key, they show up. But they're not as good as the menu shortcuts. But yes, again, I often tell users that if you were a shortcut user in menu version…you have an advantage to mousers cos' you can find your commands faster by just using the old shortcuts versus having to hunt for familiar commands via the mouse! ;-)

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Thanks for the thanks.

Actually, I use shortcut keys quite a fair bit, instead of either. E.g. conditional formatting is Alt-O-D to me, and I never use the mouse at all to select it. (I have just noticed that conditional formatting is the most prominent button on the Home ribbon, so it's actually easier to use the mouse on the ribbon than on the menu for that one. :-) But easier still to use the keyboard, IMO.)

So out of curiosity I looked at the screen to see what happens while I type the shortcut ... a little pop-up appears saying "Office 2003 menu access key Alt, O". So, MS do somewhat still acknowledge the old menu system. :-)

I had supposed that a problem with the ribbon system was that people who like to use keyboard shortcuts don't get "training" on what the "menu" shortcuts are. But that's not correct. When I press and release Alt, it goes into a mode where it displays the shortcut keys on the ribbon itself - with keys for everything!! Just need to learn hundreds of sequences, and I can continue to ignore the ribbon. :-)

(More specifically, if I Alt-P to bring up the Page Layout ribbon, for example, then I get all the following shortcut keys in little pop-ups. That's decidedly clever, and maybe I'll learn the ribbon eventually, Dian.)

Regards, Dave S

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David, thanks for posting that. If someone as fluent and capable as you still prefers to work with menus rather than ribbons, it makes me feel less of a die-hard myself!

Best, Dunbar

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Hi Dian

I've responded to your poll, but more info:

> ... and how many are still using menu versions.

I've just installed 2007 on my primary PC (with 2003 still on the others).

The first thing I did was to find an addin that gave me back the menus. :-)

Maybe I'll get used to the ribbons eventually.

Regards, Dave S

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