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Re: [ExcelVBA] Auto-populate a cell based on several other values


post the code and ask for coding style suggestions
Actually a great idea!!!
Everyone has different styles so this would be a terrific "excersize" for the group to chip in!

Example.... I use a naming convention for entities of my own which is...
Sub procedures always preceeded bur lowercase "sub" and starting with a capital after that.
ex... subInitialize()

Function procedures likewise but with "fnc" instead of sub.

I include a type and a scope in variable prefixes....
Dim lnglN as Long... lng = long l = local.

The single letter l can be p=parameter m=module level g=global

I also format my code in a particular manner. If people are interested I'd be happy to share.

Any other offers?? Anyone use a personal set of "rules"? What are they?

I'd also be very interested to know how adding comments solved your probbie Duncan?


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Glad you got it working.
If you'd like "improvement" commentary, by all means post the code and ask for coding style suggestions.

Regards, Dave S
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Guys, many thanks for the help, tips & pointers.
After commenting the code, it became clear what it should have been. I now have it populating as it should!
Still looking at it to see if there's anything that can be improved.
Once again, cheers.
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No sorrys ness Duncan... It *seems* like an interesting problem.

And don't forget that it's poss to upload a file for the group!


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