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Re: [ExcelVBA] Re: Simple loop help


Please ALWAYS post your code - especially the line that gives the error.
I suspect that you have not used the "Set" keyword as you set CurrentCell.
> Also, I am trying to concatenate two cells, but retain their formats.
The .Value of a cell is exactly that ... a value.  It is not the format.
There is no standard way of combining two cells, including their formats.  What is in the two cells you are trying to combine?

Regards, Dave S
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Something odd here. When I run it as "Dim CurrentCell As Long", it works fine, but when I change it to "Dim CurrentCell As Range", I get the error

Run-time error 91

Object variable or With block variable not set.

Also, I am trying to concatenate two cells, but retain their formats. I use:

For i = 1 To 52

      Cells(i, 4).Value = Cells(i, 2).Value & Cells(i, 3).Value
Next i

Cell (i,2) format is ok as is, but cell((i,3) font color is red. I would like to retain both formats after the concatenate. Any thoughts?

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