Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

[ExcelVBA] Re: Creating Shortcut to a Folder on the Desktop


Hi All

Thanks for all your replies. I couldn't quite get some of the example code to work as i need but it's led me in the right direction. The below code seems to be working as i need it to.

Any changes need ??

Sub CreateDesktopShortCut()

Dim sPathDeskTop As String, sShortcutTitle As String, sFolderPath As String

With CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

sPathDeskTop = .SpecialFolders("Desktop") & "\"
sShortcutTitle = "Work Instruction Pending"
sFolderPath = Environ("userprofile") & "\Documents\Complex Work Instructions\Pending\"

With .CreateShortCut(sPathDeskTop & sShortcutTitle & ".lnk")

.TargetPath = sFolderPath

End With

End With

End Sub


Posted by: garymust@yahoo.co.uk
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