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Re: [ExcelVBA] Creating Shortcut to a Folder on the Desktop


Nice.... Should work fine.


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Subject: Re: [ExcelVBA] Creating Shortcut to a Folder on the Desktop

Dear Gary

Try this :-
Sub CreateShortCut(sFullFileOrFolderPathWithExtension As String, sShortcutTitle As String)
Dim sPathDeskTop As String
    With CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        sPathDeskTop = .SpecialFolders("Deskt op") & "\"
        With .CreateShortCut(sPathDeskTop & sShortcutTitle & ".lnk")
            .TargetPath = sFullFileOrFolderPathWithExtension
        End With
    End With
End Sub

To keep it simple I did not put in error checking and I did not test it with folder names containing spaces. 


Derek Turner
England +++


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