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Re: [ExcelVBA] Preventing keyboard use before userform shows


Hi Torstein


Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
TextBox1.Value = ""
End Sub

No guarantees, but it just might work!

David Grugeon

On 23 September 2014 18:39, Torstein Johnsen [ExcelVBA] <> wrote:

Hi Dave! Now I have tried to make this initializing procedure

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

TextBox1.Value = ""

End Sub

But when  the userforms shows it still have the numbers that is typed while the sound plays in the textbox.


Thank you for your support so far, if necessary I can attach a file copy and send it to one of the moderators!


Den Lørdag, 20. september 2014 5.12 skrev "'David Smart' [ExcelVBA]" <>:


Hi Lisa
I prefer to have everything in the one message - no point in having to go back through numerous previous messages (possibly spaced over days or weeks) to reconstruct the thread.  Indeed, I don't want to have to KEEP the many prior messages that can make up a thread.
I know there are two schools of thought about this, and also about whether to post at the top or the bottom.
I use Outlook Express, which posts at the top.  This is also my personal preference.  With this, it doesn't matter how big the previous thread part of the message becomes - you just scan down as far as you need to reacquaint yourself with the thread..
I only bring part of a message up into my reply when I want to emphasise the bit I'm replying to.  I still leave the rest at the bottom, so the quote can be taken in context.

Regards, Dave S
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Subject: Re: [ExcelVBA] Preventing keyboard use before userform shows

Hi Dave S.,

Hmmmm..... What are your thoughts on repeating previous thread posts in thread posts?

Lisa ( Moderator )
Sent: Fri, Sep 19, 2014 3:34 pm
Subject: Re: [ExcelVBA] Preventing keyboard use before userform shows

> ... but it doesn't seems to work
What do you mean by this?  What precisely happens?

Regards, Dave S
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