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[ExcelVBA] My e-mailed Excel file disappears from view when I "enable macros", yet I can fetch it from Downloads.


I developed an Excel sheet using Excel 2003.   When I email it to another computer that is running Office 2013 and I open the attachment, the initial screen appears, as well as whatever sheet tabs ought to be visible.  The name of the workbook has "[Protected View] [Repaired]" added at the end.

When I click on "Enable Editing", the screen flashes white a couple of times, and then stays white.   The only things visible are the ribbon headers.   If I run my cursor over the place where sheet tabs should be, the sheet tabs become visible, but they are not selectable.   Nor can I close Excel.    

If I click on "File", the 'Close' option is not available.   If I click 'Open' and try to select a recent workbook, it will not act on it.

BUT, if I force Excel to close using the Task Manager and then re-open it, the emailed workbook shows as the most recent download.   If I click to open it, it opens and is fully functional.   "[Compatibility Mode]" has replaced "[Protected View] [Repaired]".   

After that, it works fine.

I originally wrote this up to ask for help.   But I figured out what's going on and I have a go-around.   I still don't know why it's happening.

Here's why it's going white.   After the"Enable Editing" click, for some reason Excel is trying to move to a sheet tab that's one to the left of the original selected worksheet.   When there is no tab to the left, the screen goes white and  Excel locks up.   When I added a sheet to the left, the e-mailed workbook opens without a problem, albeit, looking at the wrong worksheet.     So, that 'dummy' sheet now is all black except for a button to "Start The Program".   

I found my own inelegant solution, but I still have no idea why this is happening with this workbook.



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