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Re: [ExcelVBA] Re: Multiple IF Statements in Excel 2007


You might be under "moderated" status if you're new to the group, in which case message approval can take a while.  Certainly, both your messages reached my computer at the same time, even though they were posted a couple of hours apart.
You can trust Yahoo Groups to distribute the messages, so don't re-post unless nothing's appeared after about 24 hours.

Regards, Dave S
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I replied to this message earlier but it is not showing with the thread.


Anyway, thank you so much Dave S. The formula really is great, short and works perfectly! I kept revising and revising my formula until it became too long and confusing. You can see I am still learning slowly. In the future I'd like to translate (or code) this formula in VBA format along with other formulas. Where can I start to learn the step by step VBA lesson?


Thank you again and to those who also answered my inquiry.


Posted by: "David Smart" <smartware.consulting@gmail.com>
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