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Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:31 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Thanks Randy, that helped.

For those using the library.morningstar version of Morningstar, the premium ratings url is:

http://library.morningstar.com/stock/Proxy/morningstar_srtanalysis_premium_ruleid_analysisfilter/stock/research/c-take?t=TICKER®ion=US&culture=en-REGION&productcode=MLE&cur= http://library.morningstar.com/stock/Proxy/morningstar_srtanalysis_premium_ruleid_analysisfilter/stock/research/c-take?t=XASX:wbc®ion=aus&culture=en-US&productcode=MLE&cur=

where TICKER is the ticker and REGION is the code for the region.

The table is being tricky to extract, I will keep tinkering with RCHGetTableCell.

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