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Re: [ExcelVBA] Excel formula


Hi David,
sorry, should have been more clear...If the column look up is less than 250 OR less than 500 and row lookup is less than 500, then the formula should pick factor 1...I achieved this with series of nested ifs but wanted to see if there is any other efficient way of doing it...
this is more of insurance data where I am comparing the limits to add the factor...

hope it makes sense. please let me know if you want me to elaborate it further...thanks!

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Sorry, makes no sense to me.  E.g. "if the column look up is less than 250 and less than 500" is meaningless
Please describe what you are trying to do, rather than talking about values.
Please also show any formulas you already have.

Regards, Dave S
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I thought somebody would have easier way to lookup the formula for a problem like this.
There are 3 variables(one each for <250, <500 for column lookup and <500,>=1000, >=500 and <1000 row lookup). if the column look up is less than 250 and less than 500 and row lookup is <500, the formula should pick up "1".  Pleases let me know if you need want me to further elaborate. Thanks a lot for your help!

> = 10001.5
>=500 and < 10002
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