Senin, 15 Juni 2015

[ExcelVBA] Inline if will not evaluate second condition


I have a project plan where I have created an if statement however  second condition is not being evaluated. IF I change the order of the if statements, the first condition is evaluated but not the second.  

Correct syntactically but incorrect  results the second condition is not being evaluated so the 1 condition is never evaluated if condition 2 is true  so I think I need to swap the two and add an additional "and condition  to also evaluate the start and finish dates and %complete. I think I need another and condition but it breaks when I that logic to the formula.    

Any suggestions ?   

IIf([Finish]<=Date() And [% Complete]<>100,2,IIf([Start]<=Date() And [% Complete]=0,1,

IIf([% Complete]=100,3,0)))


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