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Re: [ExcelVBA] Re: Auto Filter Help



I'm very much with Dave here.... this may help...

The following code is from ...

Google string "reading filters in excel vba"

It shows that it's possible to interrogate the Filters collection.


Copy and pasted "as is"....

Function FilterCriteria(Rng As Range) As String

'By Stephen Bullen

Dim Filter As String

Filter = ""

On Error GoTo Finish

With Rng.Parent.AutoFilter

If Intersect(Rng, .Range) Is Nothing Then GoTo Finish

With .Filters(Rng.Column - .Range.Column + 1)

If Not .On Then GoTo Finish

Filter = .Criteria1

Select Case .Operator

Case xlAnd

Filter = Filter & " AND " & .Criteria2

Case xlOr

Filter = Filter & " OR " & .Criteria2

End Select

End With

End With


FilterCriteria = Filter

End Function

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It's easy enough to turn autofilters off and then on again.  This will at least save some work.
What will take the effort is capturing and reimposing the criteria active at the time.  However, I do think it's doable in VBA, if you have a bit of time to spend on it.

Regards, Dave S
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Well, I appreciate the help everyone, but it may be impossible in VBA.  I'll keep searching the net in hopes of finding something.  It's not a big deal, the filter I usually have on is for two columns, and it's not TOO big a deal to have to turn them back on afterwards, just breaks the flow of data entry.

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