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Looking for a stock screener by "Kermit W. Prather" kermitpra


Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:33 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Kermit W. Prather" kermitpra

I'm looking for a stock screener that will produce a stock list based on the
4 items below.
I'd appreciate any help. Naturally, I'd prefer a free stock screener.
These items are out of my normal scans on stock screeners. I am more of a
short term trader.
But a friend ask if I could point him to an online stock screener that
provides the below information:
No. 1. Cash operating profit margin: cash from operations / revenue (should
be greater than 20%).
No. 2. Shareholder payout ratio: capital returned to shareholders / capital
expenditures (should be greater than 1).
No. 3. Return on invested capital: net income / long-term debt + shareholder
equity (should be greater than 20%).
No. 4. Returns on net tangible assets: net income / net tangible assets
(should be greater than 20%).
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