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RE: [ExcelVBA] Creating my first Excel add in


No, that shouldn't be necessary. The ribbon travels wit the workbook as well.


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I had tried it this morning and I think I must have done something wrong, because it worked this afternoon. I guess my question is now, I need to get the buttons off the sheet and put them on the ribbon. I will probably need to have the users import my custom ribbon file.



Jim Wagner


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What makes you think that macros don't travel with the workbook?


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Hello all,


I was asked to work on a sheet that many users will have access to, that tracks projects. It is a download that someone found on the internet and it is pretty bad. I can do better than that. There are buttons at the top of the sheet that they have to sort a column by date, another column by file name, another to  sort a column by day.


My thought was to create some macros and use them. Then add the macros to a custom tab on the ribbon. But then I found out that macros do not travel with the file. So I thought can an add in be used to travel with the excel worksheet?


I do not want to install macros on a lot of computers to make it happen. I just want to send the file and it work.


Thank You all for any advice and help.


Jim Wagner



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