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Re: Values Changing by "Randy Harmelink" rharmelink


Mon Feb 2, 2015 4:36 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Randy Harmelink" rharmelink

The values on the web page will be irrelevant, because Yahoo uses different
databases to provide the data for the web page and the data for the CSV
file that RCHGetYahooQuotes() uses. I believe their charting also uses a
different database, which varies from their historical quotes.

One thing I would suggest is to use one array-entered RCHGetYahooQuotes()
for each set of 200 stock symbols. Then, at least recalculating is much
faster since you'll have a lot fewer Internet accesses. Also, if it is one
errant server, you may always have a few requests out of several hundred
that use the errant server. So fewer Internet accesses per update will mean
you're less likely to hit that errant server on any given update of your

On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 5:21 PM, tyoungnj@... wrote:

> I have been seeing this for the last few days on several spreadsheets that
> use RCHGetYahooQuotes. The values should automatically update each time I
> open the file, but since last Wed I've found that I get differing values.
> Sometimes they're correct, sometimes it's the previous day's closing, other
> times it's something random. I've checked against the Yahoo Finance site
> and the data on the site is correct, so I'm not sure how/why this is
> happening. Nine times out of 10 it is fixed by just re-entering the stock
> symbol in the correct cell of the spreadsheet - I use the formula
> =RCHGetYahooQuotes([cell reference], "l1"). But I've got hundred of stocks
> I track so that is getting a little tedious. If anyone figures out a fix
> please post.
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