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Re: [ExcelVBA] How do you get code assigned to a ListBox to run even when the same item is selected?


Thanks for the suggestion, David.

However, when I replace

Sub Game2_Click()


Sub Game2_MouseUp()

it acts the same as with Click.  That is, it only executes the statements in the Sub if I click on a different item from the drop down list.   If I click on the same item, it doesn't execute the statements in the Sub.

For good measure, I tried MouseDown(), too.   Still the same behavior.


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Hi H Dunbar

That's the way it is.  However if you use MouseUp rather than click it will fire anywhere.

David Grugeon

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I have a ListBox on Worksheet "PlayList".   When the macro below is assigned to the ListBox, it does what I want, as long as I choose an item on the list different from the previous selection:


Sub Game2_Click()


      Range("ChangedGame2").Value = "Yes"

      UnProtectSheet ("PlayList")

        Range("CustomName1").Offset(0, 1).Value = ""

      ProtectSheet ("PlayList")

End Sub


But when I select the same (as previous) item from the drop-down list, nothing happens.  I have tried replacing "Click" with "AfterUpdate", "KeyPress", "BeforeUpdate", "Selection", and "Select"  (basically, everything I could find on Google, with the exception of "Kardashian").    With each of those events, the code runs only if I've picked a new item from the List.

How can I get that code to run every time I click on the ListBox? 


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