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More info from Ayaz

David Grugeon

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From: ayaz khan <>
Date: 9 December 2014 at 20:01
Subject: Re: Excel Question
To: "" <>

Thank you very much David for kind response and support I am again trying
my level best to explain about my problem, kindly go through below points

1- I have sheet name fruit database where I have three fields Fruit Name ,
Fruit Code and Available Fruit Quantity.

2- I have Second Sheet name Fruit Order List in which I record received
order detail : Order Date, Fruit Type, DI # if it is otherwise record "-"
and in fourth d col i leave fruit code blank and in fifth col e i record
required fruit quantity.

*What** I want *

As i mentioned above that in 2nd sheet i leave fruit code blank, here i
want a macro which sees if DI# is blank , 0 or - in sheet2 then macro match
sheet1 fruit type with sheet2 and available quantity with required quantity
if it equal or greater than copy fruit code from sheet1 to sheet2 in fruit
code col like a below table example.

*Fruit Data Base Table*

[image: Inline image]

*Fruit Order received detail*

[image: Inline image]

*kindly look both data If u look red font of fruit code which will be
copied through macro based on above mentioned condition,*

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 12:32 AM, David Grugeon <>

Dear Ayaz

Thank you for that. I have posted the file to the group.

I think that you may still not get your problem solved because you have not
provided an explanation. The explanation needs to be about the problem,
not about the excel spreadsheet. That is you need to explain what your
business is doing, what the spreadsheet is trying to achieve and all the
constraints for that.

The explanation should be in words in an email posted to the group, rather
than a few words in a spreadsheet.

Have you read the guidance on asking questions at the link David supplied?
If you want us to help you you really have to provide us with all the
information to enable us to understand the problem. You have not yet done

Someone did provide you wiyh some code and you response was that it did not
fulfill your requirements but you did not say what it did wrong so that
helpful person was not able to provide more help.

I repeat - Please provide a full explanation of what you are trying to
achieve with these spreadsheets.

David Grugeon

On 9 December 2014 at 01:36, ayaz khan <> wrote:

Dear David

Please find another example workbook for your further understaning

On Monday, December 8, 2014 12:44 AM, ayaz khan <> wrote:

please find enclosed workbook as advised by you

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Posted by: David Grugeon <>
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