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Re: [ExcelVBA] Re: Help required for a difficult macro


> I explain my logic in my sent file as well
No, sorry, you did not.  The only explanation in the file is "if col b is - or 0 then Match ID in col a with sheet1 copy EDI number from result sheet col b", which is so simplistic as to be meaningless.
You have different numbers in your uploaded sheet, and these probably pose more questions than they answer.  For instance, A1245 offers 2 and Row 4 in the Result sheet wants 2, but you don't use it - instead you use the remaining 2 from A1545, which is lower down the list.  What is the logic that causes you to do this?
Please stop trying to explain in a single sentence - you are just wasting our time.  Write a full explanation.  In particular, follow David Braithwaite's excellent advice.
Regards, Dave S
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Thanks David for your advice I explain my logic in my sent file as well you can see it if you have any confusion or query regarding to my sent file in required result in result sheet please do mention it and I must explain it clearly

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Suggest that you write the logic required as if you were giving directions to another person who was going to do the process by hand.

Excel is just a tool for implementing such a process, but so is a pencil and paper.  Write for the latter and get surprised by the elegant solution for the former.

Tim Lewis's posting MAY be such a solution.




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