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Re: [ExcelVBA] Help required for a difficult macro


Dave thanks for your reply , but let me explain you more about this data, actually sheet1 is source data which is distributing/copying data in result sheet as per given Qty  of result sheet in col D like as you mentioned that  ("(1) A1545 has quantity 10 in Sheet 1, but only 1 in the result sheet.") this is because  in result sheet the Qty in D col requirement is 1 and this is logic i want to communicate.

(2) B6789 has one entry in Sheet 1) sorry it is wrong entry.

Sir, i can explain you more in case of any confusion.


Result Sheet

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Sorry, I can't see how you go from your Sheet1 to your result sheet.
(1) A1545 has quantity 10 in Sheet 1, but only 1 in the result sheet.
(2) B6789 has one entry in Sheet 1, but two entries in the result sheet.  Also, however, the quantity 30 has become quantity 2 and quantity 1 - what about the other 27?
Please explain how Sheet 1 transforms into the entries in the result sheet, with particular emphasis on the ones that don't have the same quantity, and on the ones that have more than one entry in the result sheet.

Regards, Dave S
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I need a macro for my result sheet , let me explain you that i have sheet1 and there are 3 fields from col a to c and i need a macro for result sheet which matches ID number from result sheet col a (where DI# is blank in col b) with sheet1 col a and copy/distribute b col value from sheet1 to result sheet in col c which must be equal d col value , ok please see below example in red highlighted font cells as a macro result.

ID EDI # Qty
A11 A1245 2
A11 A1345 1
A11 A1545 10
A16 B4567 3
A16 B6789 30

Result Sheet
ID DI# EDI # Qty
A11 - A1245 2
A11 - A1345 1
A11 - A1545 1
A12 2345 1
A13 3245 1
A16 - B4567 3
A16 - B6789 2
A16 - B6789 1

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