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Sv: [ExcelVBA] Detect which shape "starts" a macro


Thanks to both Tim, Derek and Bob!

This gave me a useful hint to use macros with shapes.

I also found another approaach:

I sometimes create shapes with VBA.

I found this code somewhere that creates a shape, which has a macro (macroname) assigned and that macro brings a parameter (variable text) that can identify which shape has started the macro.

    ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeFlowchartSummingJunction, l, t, w, h).Select
    Selection.OnAction = "'macroname """ & text & """'"
This is better descibed in:

Hope this can be useful for you!

This is surely my last mail in this group this year!

Happy new year to all of you!



Den Onsdag, 31. desember 2014 14.09 skrev "'Bob Phillips' bob.phillips@dsl.pipex.com [ExcelVBA]" <ExcelVBA@yahoogroups.com>:

Use Application.Caller
From: ExcelVBA@yahoogroups.com [mailto:ExcelVBA@yahoogroups.com]
Sent: 21 December 2014 16:26
To: ExcelVBA@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [ExcelVBA] Detect which shape "starts" a macro
In a worksheet there are several shapes.
They are all assigned to the same macro.
Is it possible in the macro to detect which skape that was "clicked on" to start the macro?
I wish the macro to do different tasks dependent on which shape that started it!
Is there a sort of activeShape object?
Regards and Merry Christmas to all of you Excelers!
Torstein Johnsen


Posted by: Torstein Johnsen <sejohnse@yahoo.no>
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